A well-sprung mattress?

Springtime is here!

In honor of the season and the grass-stained bumrolls I mention in Chapter 31 of ‘Six of One’, Dolly has posted this photo from a gardening contest with a ‘six wives of Henry VIII’ theme.  Apparently it is the winning ‘Catherine Howard’ garden entry.

The mantle on the bed looks to me like creeping phlox.  According to the gardening manuals, creeping phlox is a plant that is lush and a good spreader.  Dear me.


Catherine Howard leads “Occupy London Bridge” !!


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Preview Snippet from the upcoming “Six of One”, by JoAnn Spears From Chapter Twenty-Four, “Wherein the Wives Determine ‘Who’s on First?'”

By reputation, Catherine Howard certainly had no qualms about performing in private. Nevertheless, her rehearsal that night was a sad reminder of her performance anxiety the night before her beheading: she had had the executioner’s block brought to her chamber and spent the night practicing how to rest her head on it properly, in anticipation of the falling ax.

Click below to read about Catherine Howard’s latest appearance, on London Bridge in Arizona.  Culpepper’s there too!


Satyr-day in the Park?



My “Six of One” preview snippet…with naughty-bits tastefully obscured.

“Six of One”, coming out in Fall, 2011!

From Chapter Thirty-One, “Catherine Howard’s Tale of How Snow White Drifted and What She Set Adrift”

“The Dowager Duchess’s establishment was supposed to have been just like Animal House.”

Catherine smiled. “There was no shortage of bucks and stallions, that’s for sure! The Dowager Duchess ran a lax-enough establishment for me to have lovers in, and what I did in that line mattered little to me, or to her, until my uncle, the Duke of Norfolk, started scheming to make me queen.”

From bigthink.com, "Sex and Drugs: Botticelli's Dirty Little Secret"